Culture - Apna Pratapgarh

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Sunday, May 24, 2020



Pratapgarh district with natural beauty is connected to the following areas of Banswara, Chittorgarh, Neemuch, Ratlam and Mandsaur districts. There is a confluence of culture of Vagad, Malwa and Mewar here. The tribal culture and tradition is influenced not only by Rajasthan, but also by the language, customs, dialects and culture of Madhya Pradesh.

Tribal Meena

Although Pratapgarh is inhabited by people of all religions, beliefs and castes, the main component of the population here is the Meena Adivasis, who are classified as 'Scheduled Tribes' in the state.

In Peepal Khunt subdivision, more than 40 percent of the population belongs to the Meena tribe. Whose families are basically dependent on agriculture, wages, animal husbandry and forest produce and have their own distinct culture, dialect and costumes. Other casts are also here and the number of Sikhs-sardars are negligible here.

Folk Culture

The ways of rituals, folklore, folk dances and wedding rituals are also different here. But tribal traditions have also been affected by rapid urbanization.

Mautana - There is a peculiar tradition here - Mautana : which is prevalent in the entire Udaipur division, especially in tribal dominated districts - Pratapgarh, Dungarpur and Banswara.

Tribal Housing

They build kutcha houses or huts at the height of the mountain so that strangers coming from below to the top can be seen from afar. The ritual of welcoming visitors by playing drums and wearing a safa is also old here. The houses are raw, made of grass, bamboo, brick, black clay and wood.

Costumes and jewelry

The main dress of women in rural areas is ghagra, printed dark red-brown dress and blouse, the jewelry is usually silver. In marriage, silver is given only as a gift. Women wear various ornaments on the feet, hands, neck, ears and head. Women hold 'Bore' or 'Borella' on their head, rings in fingers and 'Nath' in the nose.

Men often wear safa, turban (turban) dhoti and cotton shirt or tunic-kurta, but they do not wear any special ornament on the body.

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