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Thursday, May 14, 2020

About Pratapgarh

Pratapgarh is the 33rd district of Rajasthan, it was formed on January 26, 2008. Pratapgarh area is known as 'Kanthal Pradesh' due to its location on the banks of the river Mahi.

Pratapgarh district has 5 Tahasil –

- Dhariyawad , - Pratapgarh, - Arnod, - Chhoti Sadri, - Pipalkhunt

Geography and Climate of Pratapgarh - 

The district is located 24.03 ° North and 74.78 ° East in Udaipur Division in the southern part of Rajasthan. It has an average elevation of 491 meters (1610 ft) and is said to be the highest elevation district in Rajasthan after Mount Abu.
 It is situated on the treaty of the most ancient ranges of the Aravalli and Malwa plateaus. The land here generally fertilizes black soil, formed from volcanic-lava. The major rivers of the district are Jakham, Mahi and Siwana or Shiva. Other seasonal rivers are Mon, Era and Karamoi. 
The geographical area of Pratapgarh is 4,11,736 hectares, of which the forest area is 1,20,976 hectares (2009-10). Geographically reserved forest area. The average annual rainfall is 856 mm.

History of Pratapgarh
Pratapgarh is related to the Sisodia branch of the Guhil dynasty of Mewar. Prince Surajmal, son of the ruler of this dynasty, Ksemkaran, became the ruler of Deogarh (Devalia) in 1514 AD.

Maharawal Pratapsingh founded Pratapgarh town near Deogarh in 1699 AD. Later, Pratapgarh was the capital of Deogarh. Therefore, this city was called Devalia Pratapgarh.

Maharawal Salim Singh of Pratapgad built the coat around the city in Vikram Samvat 1815, which had six gates.

Dhariyawad, another small town near Pratapgarh, was founded in the mid-15th century by Maharana Pratap's grandson, Raja Sahasmal.

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